About Us

Our main philosophy and mission is to ensure our camps are full of fun, children enjoy their rugby and to aim inspire the participants to improve their skills, knowledge and understanding of the sport.

To achieve this, we focus on the fundamental core skills involved in playing the game which includes passing, catching, decision-making, running, support play, tackling and movement. Many of the other essential all-round skills required to develop the next generation of international players are also covered over the week camp.

Other essential elements during the camp include lots of touches of the ball, constant decision making and stretching the players every time they are on the pitch. We also look at developing both on and off the ball skills required in attacking and defending.

After focusing on core skills, we like to implement what players have learned into a game scenario to help them understand why we are practicing all the skills. Doing this allows for the participants to see their development in action and learn when it is effective to perform the skills in a game-based scenario.